With so many people now wanting to keep the clothes they buy for longer, it makes a lot of sense to have them altered when they no longer fit properly instead of throwing them away.

Dress alterations can be cheaper than you think and in most cases, it can be far more cost-effective to have your dress or skirt altered to fit you better than to go out and buy a new one.

Dress or skirt alterations can be surprisingly inexpensive, so if you own a favourite dress or skirt that you don’t want to part with, having it altered is the best way to keep on enjoying wearing your outfit without banishing it to the back of your wardrobe because it no longer fits.

Our team at American Dry Cleaning Company can do a wide range of alterations for you and the cost of the service will depend on a few factors, such as the type of alteration needed and the style and material of your dress or skirt.

The average cost of alterations

Depending on what alterations you need, to have a skirt or dress shortened by machine will cost between £10 – £20, but a vented skirt or dress may cost a little more. To have a waistband altered can cost around £15 – £20 on average, so you can see that having your dress or skirt altered can be cheaper and less wasteful than throwing it away and buying a new one.

The best way to find out how much your dress or skirt alteration will cost is to bring it into your local branch for us to take a look at. We will examine your dress or skirt and discuss what alterations you need.

Every branch of American Dry Cleaning Company has a private fitting room where we can take accurate measurements for your alteration. We will then be able to offer you a quote for the task before you commit to having any work done.

Wedding dress alterations

Because most wedding dresses are not made-to-measure, just about every bride will need to have some alterations done to her dress to ensure it fits perfectly.

We have a specialist team of tailors that can take care of all your wedding dress alterations, so if you need the hem raised, the waist pinched in or let out, or even taking it down a whole dress size, our highly skilled team are here for you!

It is normal for brides to have up to three fittings to get their wedding dress perfect. In some cases it can only take two fittings – one to take your measurements and to see what alterations are needed, and a second to check the final fit is perfect. But you can have as many fittings as you like before you take your dress home.

In most cases, brides will purchase their gowns from a specialist wedding boutique, and the dresses tend to be made in a range of standard sizes. However, we are not all built the same, so if your dress is a little too long, or the waist is a little too tight, we can fix that for you.

Wedding dress alterations tend to cost more because of the delicate materials used, but using our team that specialise in wedding dress alterations can be more cost-effective because we have all the skills, tools and equipment needed to take care of such special dresses.

Our wedding dress alterations team are all highly skilled and experienced tailors and seamstresses offer a flexible fitting service that will meet your wedding preparation timeline.

On average, the cost of wedding dress alterations are based on individual need, so prices will vary. But simply shortening a wedding dress can cost anything between £80 and £200, depending on the style and material of your gown.

You may need the shoulder straps adjusting and this can cost anything from £15 to £100, bodice changes are around £45 to £85, depending on the amount of work needed. Dress sleeve adjustments on average cost between £65 and £130, but again the cost will depend on the style of dress and the materials used.

As with all of our alterations, a quote can be obtained before you commit to having any work done on your wedding dress.