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Suede, Leather, Re-waxing and Fur

American Dry Cleaning Company provides a cleaning service for a range of suede, sheepskin and leather items including: clothing, gloves, sheepskin rugs, motorcycle leathers and handbags.

Our highly trained Suede & Leather technicians produce exceptional results. We check every item for damages or stains and carefully treat it using specialist chemicals. This will replace the oils from the natural skin and so increasing the life of your item. We can also re-wax your Barbour jackets. Please be aware that such specialist cleaning requires 3 to 4 weeks.

Suede and leather garments, shoes and handbags are expensive items, so it makes sense to want to keep them looking good and in perfect condition for as long as possible.

Your local American Dry Cleaning Company have in-house specialists that are trained in caring for leather and suede items, including sheepskins and furs. So when your favourite leather and suede shoes or clothes need cleaning, you can trust our dedicated team.

For more information please visit your local branch or book a collection. Freephone 0800716625.


I thought my suede shoes were ruined after spilling red wine on them, but your team did an amazing job and my shoes look as good as new. Thank you!
Mark Winters

I needed a sheepskin rug cleaned and I am amazed at how good it now looks. I didn’t notice how dull it was before I had it cleaned. I will be using your services again.
Tanya Stephenson

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