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Same Day Dry Cleaning & Full Laundry to your Doorstep

Your table cloths and bedlinen are freshly laundered, pressed and carefully packaged ready for you to use.

We also take care of your duvets, blankets, pillows and towels. We are happy to take your bag of mixed laundry including small items such as underwear, vests and pyjamas.

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Freephone: 0800716625.

Same Day Laundry Service

If you ever wondered whether you could get your laundry and dry cleaning done and returned to your doorstep on the same day, then you will be pleased to know that American Dry Cleaning Company offers our customers a same-day full laundry and dry-cleaning service!

We understand how valuable your time is and this is why we introduced our expert same-day laundry services for our busy customers. As long as we can collect your laundry and dry cleaning together in the morning, we can have them back to you cleaned, pressed and carefully folded or wrapped at the end of the day.

Our same-day services can offer you great benefits including no delays in getting an important outfit cleaned that you need for work, a job interview or for a special occasion.

If you need to travel for work and want all of your suits dry cleaned ready for your trip, then you don’t need to worry about getting your suits back in time for your trip.

We don’t only offer same-day dry cleaning – you can also get your regular laundry washed, pressed and folded too! You can look forward to fresh bed sheets, bath towels and even your pyjamas and underwear can be taken care of.

You can save yourself so much precious time. You can get a whole week’s worth of outfits washed or dry cleaned and back to you so you will never waste time wondering what to wear each day – your outfits will be ready and waiting for you, smelling and feeling fresh and clean.


I travel a lot for work so I don’t have the time to do my laundry very often. I rely on my local American Dry Cleaning team’s full laundry service every week and I have never been disappointed.

As the owner of a small London guest house, I appreciate the same-day full laundry service offered by American Dry Cleaning. This service saves me a lot of time and I like the way they press and fold my tablecloths.

The full laundry service offered by my local branch is a godsend. I live in a small flat with no space to dry my washing, so I can get my laundry done the same day and keep my flat tidy.

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