One of the best ways to stay healthy while spending so much time indoors is to give your home a deep clean. Keeping your home clean can also give your mental health a positive boost because you will be providing yourself with a warm, neat and organised home to relax in.

We can spend a lot of time diligently cleaning our homes, especially the busy areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, but one of the most overlooked ways of reducing household dust, germs, bad smells, pollen and dander is to give our curtains a good clean.

A lot like carpets, curtains can quickly trap dust, pollen spores, pet hairs, airborne germs and bad odours. But while we may give our carpets a regular hoover to remove the worst of the dust and debris build-up, we often forget all about cleaning our curtains.

You may try to vacuum your curtains, which may help to reduce some of the dust, but it won’t help to remove the many other hidden nasties that will be lurking in your curtains.


Clearing the air of odours

While the kitchen is often considered the heart of a home, all the cooking activity held in there does mean that cooking smells and lingering odours can spread around the house and be absorbed by your soft furnishings, especially your curtains.

While you may do your best to keep your home clean to help reduce smells from cooking, pets – and even smelly feet – one of the most effective things you can do to freshen up your home and remove lingering smells from the air is to have your curtains professionally cleaned.

When you re-hang a clean and fresh pair of curtains you can really notice how much nicer your rooms can smell. Gone are those lingering smells of onion and garlic from your Friday night curries and gone are those grubby finger marks from the edges of your curtains from their daily opening and closing.

Keeping your living room clean and fresh

Our household soft furnishings are a magnet for dust, germs and stains. So when cleaning our living rooms our sofa throws, scatter cushions, rugs and curtains shouldn’t be overlooked when it is time for a deep clean.

Depending on the material of your soft furnishings, you can book our laundry service to clean large and bulky items such as curtains, rugs, duvets and blankets that are too big for a conventional washing machine to handle.

As the seasons change it can be a good time to clean your curtains and rugs and heavy winter bedding to get rid of the dust that has gotten trapped in the fibres.

Also depending on the type of materials that make up your curtains and rugs, the American Dry Cleaning Company can either wash them in our industrial-sized washing machines or dry clean as necessary. There are certain materials that cannot handle a machine wash, especially natural materials such as suede, leather, wool and sheepskin, so we will either wash or dry clean your items as is appropriate.

Find out more about our curtain and rug cleaning services and remember that you can book a FREE collection and delivery where we can pick up your bulky curtains and rugs, clean them, and deliver them straight back to your door.